Thursday, September 30, 2004

tiny advice as was come to 

your vote is electric ozone reading Rilke's "Sonnets to Orpheus" at half time of the moment spectacle delivered free of charge. how are you to hold it all? and the rhymes of your vote will be blue suede steed instead of lighting a bomb plot against the merrie days of revolution so you think. your vote happens in the time taken from trams, from subs, from buses that were perfectly equipped for time. your vote needs you explained. I am the same part of anything as you and see that matching each distant fad with a functional alternative will require license in dread. still, we're a team, potent because we said something. is the booth warm or cold today? advice got me to this spot alone, but we can go the further route together.

Man there is alot of comment spam I have noticed. Is there any way to remove it from the blogs?
Bon jour. Le temps amer que je vois.

Chercher le temps et quelques comment terrien ici.

Blog agréable.

Je devrai revenir plus tard.
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