Sunday, September 19, 2004

vote got game (spoken by 'aliens') 

votes in the hay, where the lay down. of the poor and downtrodden a quart to recognize. a ton experienced in terms of patience. the swooping of finance in the garden talking voter population. a creamy colour for distribution. firmer hues for later consideration. the vote eats the booth. a mazy hemisphere full of concern, calls for puff out. numbers pulled together to act as vices. strafing voting polls, to allow for dedication. creases in saturation while forgetfulness engages the path towards the last booth in hell. workaday logistics telling for taxable space, the inkling of breath. hey, railings on the booth for the elderly! choice referendum filled with humps. mold grows in two places, and you are one on them. where's the art of the mess?

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