Monday, September 27, 2004

your vote collects. your vote marches Iraq in a time of plenty. your vote in the serious, while aliens add a number on the prop of saying something thru. yours is the central vote, at minutes in your language, life, literal beginning. your stash of votes has Iraq in a haze, and impetus in Nepal, and chosen figures on the coast of Vietnam. your vote is vital while distribution matches the poor impact clobbering. your vote and the booth it rides in says a lot of years go by. lots of silly angels left to demise in the armoury of vetting. your vote is contagious after points in space. and when I vote, alongside you, the temperature is nightly news gone fat as haze. your worries are over as you listen to the network. you and me, that's a pretty picture to continue in a place. that place is time enough, we think. yes or no, while working on excuses? have we turnbed into a tree, in space, in time, in and out a lot?

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