Monday, October 11, 2004

there was round in site, in sight, in a moment culled from whatever word was given. given was the day. a plush rage or fancy spree engulfed the national whatsis rating, churning duel as portions laid for bearing. words as shift into definitive pronoun, work of still more ages. and the language of the popular front and back, until we're hearing almost anything said. there was a sure tactic spent on this hill of beans, that presidential heap, those bendng rays of less than ultimate light. here's a sequence of lettering played out in verbal pouring forth, at an inclimate rate of zero point nine (your love extends). here's something called friend, which is a word on top of words. here's an exceptional love (married exception), and the place to say you sorry. you mean something every day today. you listen my friends. you love. this is just another land to read and write along the way.

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