Saturday, August 16, 2003

in a shape note benefit,
the day takes more. fields
seem instrumental, polished
alluvials to send for
sound. sound itself
pleases the landscape,
a daylight of heat.
so much more goes
dragging across the
to say a perfect
tributary. now
tenderness feels fleeces,
such as clouds, as the
memorable aliens
settle in time. that's where
our drifting indifference
chooses its end. in those
pockets of reference
pressure builds its
startling champ.

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better as a day providing morose overtones to the tinny sound of overdrive, that's the special inclusion when the aliens take the field. few have remarked upon the quiet quality of the survey yet, leaving the vanquished quite taken. it is political varnish that tells the tale. that smoke seen in the field seems irresistible, but it only plays into the faction work. someone will come along and... but that will be another day, an entirely different view. currently we have a fitful battle to attend.

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Friday, August 15, 2003

the posted fidelity
remains pure. your
season expresses
diligence, a truculent
curing. no unknowns spray
heavily within the
sentence structure you
admire. here is a day
filled to the brim, and modest
impasses in the sky
resume.the code seems
impure. antic aliens
fill harbinger day.
everyone wants a new

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a day delivers constant Phlllipines, a drenching tropical information centre. the constant file of rocketry, known for days as delivering, shocked the universe and living on. those were stone ages, discussed as such. frequented by westerners, the news draining from every portal, but the sentries were strange and new. what could be read into their arrival, the word of their sentence? that is the crisp sheen like fruit and dew. the troubles of an independent time ruffle the waters and heat the jungle. this day is a friday, pointed that way

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

a diet of such cancellation bursts thru the tethers of instant. the day is minimal, tired and allowed relief by virtue of the sameness of intensity. sudden rockets, the news, land with carefree dilation, having been improved with the language 'all around'. this is how poetry made a winsome charge, across the usual borders, into the same mess. this is expectation. today is August 14.

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