Thursday, June 03, 2004

gone for 3 weeks, just to let you know

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

envelope this
in time, while all
the instructions
circle round complaint.
too many times the
fail to surprise.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

watch this for perhaps of zest. of all spray of affection, while transmitting this pool of anger, looking in and at. and transfer makes a mangeable funstion, a trick into the night time look along. it's even to say something brilliant on the coast, forsaking the rest of poetry's humanity for the delectable peering claim. this is meant as muscle in an age, tho we all wear down apace, and what will the score be, applied real soon? the crimson sun dashed into its dull hole for the night, what else is proclaim? chattering with the effort of fineness, in all the whipping on that makes us notice. here's a chronic something, quite a vegetable patch. what'll I do now? says the poet. perfect picture of floating.

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just after the shift colour spread across nomadic sky. results controlled the news version, oodles of inference framed in the tagged language. now it's 'our' turn, overt distance meaning little against our eagle simpleness. church wars have a flavour, made of tufts. political wars taste neccessary, reaching outside claims to the pop of something very close. dulcet oligarchy revives the wetness we feel when, dazed, the news comes in. bursting with cheers.

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Sunday, May 30, 2004

stern verities
propounded daily by
the frantic alien
down from lost
times into earth clod
tells you something about
rare orbital
Nevada deserts where
only anything can happen
tho time loosens all the
emboushures and grievance
piled a monstrance on
becoming slowed to
viscous in a
telling heard
the pronoun from afar
and the antics of
language and the
people who
with word have
tried to
cut thru build up
close out and
see finally
where finally
is a verb
robbing instant for the
good of something else
utterly defined and paid
thru the knows of
plain speech in a minute
tells you of a
war and allegience and
all those bitter fibres
clearly aghast in the
simple here's a method
here's a broken door
and telling

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resume your sentry
draft upheaval
and sway to the rampant
moonbeams in your
island stride a
landing gear and
rope your resume
now until the dead beat
of stars
tells you different

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