Saturday, April 17, 2004

that's your definite
while I waited yet I too
called this trouble
into magnitude
only the presence
listening thru out
at such a moment
yes sir flickering
that's presidential matter
ornate colliding functions
and an Adam Sandler movie
can become president
and a drunk picture displayed
can be president
and a will or natural flock
can be president
and the turnstile stays
gathered as we say other
things inside
the coming sentence
even the remains
grow dark
but that isn't a point
only a share

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Friday, April 16, 2004

word after all
removes all doubt
when it penetrates
a ticklish time
spending troops
for diligence
traaining kindly
answer suddenly
while the wind
steps down

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

weave loose variable detective
such as the presence
of sequence lumbers
on the morning rug.
orotund matter
skews deliberately keen hob nob
such as splendour or run out
dune. smack after
the effect rushing alien
concern, in fact the nation
severs. these squealing babes
mention their lives

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

docket source
resraint steam

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Oops Position 

I'm such a lame, I tell the sleek alien transformation that tells this country. nation is spittle in my language, I like to advert for their benefit, shocking their wiggly, while the moment. still presidents aren't priceless, I find continued declaring, and they produce alien testimony. from the stars, that is, which draw pictures for us: lofty Orion and that great dipper situation that seals the fate of thinking in that way. forever and a day comes too soon, I realize, and there's still this 'Iraq thing", along with potential for 'trouble' while we squeeze the last. I said we, I admit we. the juice of the distance meant collects in profound poetry, at which the aliens naturally laugh. there is a coast that will clear they tell me in their alien terms. finally, say I, tripping wildly.

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clear lapidiary
the beachhead

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

divided diamonds laughed to complete the minute

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broken consideration in West Virginia, which left the mines draining people into intelligence factors close to dawn and needing to be watched. vital people city the name post, then damn the clogging unveil, which rips apart overfed loss machine, soon as grasped by economic nameplate. idea over the river then into, driving gas prices. Iraqi neatness in West Virginia farmstead lore, while even the patient move to poetry reading merriment. you laugh but the jokes are turtles of false, even as poetry regales the social aspect. feeds on people like light. West Virginia in the Bhagavad-Gita, so you say, or I could. arrested in time for more poetry reading existential employment. more Iraqi outposts in grey. more West Virginia inside the power of words going greener each day. seems planned.

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Monday, April 12, 2004

back to tides,
which leave us drained
(a kitty won't die)
an enviable war zone
rendered plausible
for satisfaction
arming mist
joining terrible weather
to throng report
no one remembers
ended dad
cat's on stairs
we know stairs
earth is a pronoun
escape velocity
hasn't reached us
what would Jung say
over and out

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

riled up 

in the gulley of losing
while interest interprets radical lore,
over the buzz spleen gourd relaxing
such as nerves the steel drone, working
hammock on the turntable battles
on, but on won't lose, and in has natural talent,
and over needs a war called time,
speed ritual thru many meanderings, Starfleet Command
slips a mickey into, the aliens draw back, James Kirk follows
his arrow, we can turn thru pages of documents to the right,
suddenly it is the Next Generation of watching television,
and that's a kidnapee waiting, and that
is a mosque, and the muezzin
pulls a fast one, and George Bush is a
label, and a dream coasts on power
supply, and then we rent a movie called
and the resort is history,
et cetera being
the better part

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cleared on easing whilst the gown outpost grown merely the stem fraction ceasefire modesty traveling duff meagre St Peter's Square the rock of noon and monster program note muted stone fraction kindly states he obvious

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