Friday, November 12, 2004

there was a terrible language once. its simple left a trace, but all the people stuck. inside the rate of taking pure read, there were restrictions. you felt an all that instantly. weren't you careful to the beginning again? yes for the fresh new word and across the delivered staying put. all this is staying close, as a minute with our tide. the language could only let that happen in the space. the space meant everything.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

sundowning began at the port of one last dad. it's reference stays in tune till when the lights go on, or is it off, definitely? curious how the release. a few people in shades of exactly, some even sleep late. this is a taut examination in a changing languuge. thunderous aluminum. splendid direction. aptitude clearing. and finally, carefully, love sticks on. strange chair, even so.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

real excellence slides over the ranged veering said so, which delights our doctor pose, which demonstrates again the rat of baggage kept awake, which is this national thing in spoiled sort:

we have made a once or two, shifting something with wiles and shirtsleeves rolled up, effective embrace of now you did it:

we become singular ambulatory pointing machines:

we get good mileage out of acts:

we stay off the throne for good times, until clearing says we're a republic again, tho that sham hasn't got legs:

we trip on tired, thinking a response might work:

we settle like a drunk thing over the falls as always:

all this adds up, like friends in a station, or the rumble over the airwaves:

we'll never quite make it this way...

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