Saturday, December 27, 2003

agent orange was willing.
agent orange the slot in which the coin enters, travels in time.
agent orange in garage, in council, in office space.
agent orange determine the place of the public spirit.
agent orange at a blast zone.
agent orange reflex.
agent orange in alien rhyme.
agent orange as more and more.

your slate is full.

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Friday, December 26, 2003

shore up 

it's time to bite the apple, time to fit the round, time to lean on a tree, time to shore up presence, time to ignore the path as other paths denote. you figure loss animates whole spectacles and running into hobbits acting bravely, for the scene turns on them. aliens are only crunchy cereal thing, fodder fame while we ignite the perceptual beacon. on and on we go with a grasp of the hovering needed. bombs called every family known to the table. bombs called character a debatable treatise. bombs called to say hello. we've waved at paths again, trading snide shots for giving membane. it will tussle and tell us plenty. it's for going on, in the poetry climate that makes so much of making so much. it's just a lump fish trying to breathe. hesitation is uncalled for.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

spared life when drifting into trees, ones that have grey impelled to burst into tears. a little easier to fight the stones including rich words, spoken on days over water. trace the path of the outbreak going thru archives illegally obtaining grace. Lenny Bruce pardoned as things change. a wallop expected, the clue simmering over port authority. this day before the next day, holiday season. my war, and your war too.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

review it, review it glowingly 

simple pros drape dialogue on their work. they've established the kinetic connection, switching formative years in inner peace and sending on the moving pity. wired for sound yet straining to clamp, they've got attack minded thoughts quickly adjusting to making the scene. the scene is crusty for years, as are we all. treasures resume the spirited chase after us, while we underline our names and move on. on and on, in fact, declaring a visible separation from the others, sportive varieties. such space includes our knowing that no such space exists. the aliens trumpet on, with the bringer of jollity taking in choice details, in case such arise. it's tough to remain driven. who will read their underwear?

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Monday, December 22, 2003

orange light district 

the angels
decided again
in the
grey meaning dawn
to leave the fall
to every moment
orange warning
light in
season of loss

the angels
fell to the ground
in canvass of
late news told us
everything blows
sky limits only
the imagination
where language
tries again

the angels alien
to so many ideas
close over the
shrapnel verbiage
local units
flexing taxable
trumpet flair
in the evening out

the angels air
out the alien by
simple masked light
tho we know the
names and
have invented

the hit of the moment
is not MADONNA(r)
or other associations
but certainties of fear
translated into a global
function within
systematic recall
minor agent orange

not to forget
and his astonishment
in the air
floating with regal
pomp and
starting the drop
into a popular

caned doubt
rented flecks
parceled drone
emergency leaf

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