Friday, February 13, 2004

introducing Sky King 

chiggers are determined,
the flood exposes your
own flap, then
stop on a dime
terror, which
includes piecemeal
or a rope
extending into
would you resolve alien
party favours?
the slight
vacuum cleaner of
outer space willing?
but the button
holds the shirt
closed and
the scene puts
eveywhere, don't you
wish you
were a verb?

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dismal lanterns, process availment, choice conscious, politics envy, stone moisten, freedom hammer, church port, slice rictus, calm bet, spoon feed, peace flat:

blossoming ease over better and worse, under a moon or earth or sun, next waters and dry land, until botheed on the front and back, a conversation of abrupt and to the point:

you could frame a similar:

we could sharpen to a point

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

nothing came right or clear (here's the story again). Martha Stewart and that singer for that band were walking down the street. as angels. as a closed form. as an interest. as so much dust. we registered that President Bush's military record was like this, with flown to the most corner for a while. and there was also information circling around a docket turned to Michael Jackson. and the names of some blown up could be conquered in a moment on tv. and the dreams of arid aliens made a scene in some bar. and a football named Tom Brady soared for oceans or more. a rhythm of language over ribbons of point. the road point, the narrative point, the startle point. politics lunge on top of which we came to say. one cry pity on mountainside: to know a veil.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

today's calabash left for prison. soap intoned the hula hoop. we weren't lucky to pray, just right in the angel. each angel marks territory like spit. it's some kind of war, someone remarks. that's it exactly! and test tubes look jolly good next to Martha Stewart or who else. we must get tgether tonight and figure out a difference. do you relax when you fall?

later that same evening...

we looked coast to coast, and to elements of jam covered the telephone. surprise met us halfway. we began to talk. just think: I am not half the poet you are. I could go on. could you?

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Test Pattern 

one pity cry on mountainside. loopy chess variant talks angel into act. there are no acts, the angel tries to say (wing flap). this is a mountainside. the plain below resembles hot temper, the need for something. children are spotted and grabbed, you write a list, the subject becomes drapery, and the sea covers over. sudden investment schemes ruin everything, and we bring Martha Stewart before the court. was she responsible for The Matrix Reloaded? who could tell. our friends at Halliburton topple over, and we see that beneath them is an orb. this orb is earthlike, yet filled with plans. Martha Stewart tells Janet Jackson to be stalked. Justin Timberlake grows old as shadows and furthermore, a little lake that wishes, and then, poor, dies. well, he didn't make The Matrix Reloaded. he didn't have a name. he felt, and Martha felt, and Janet felt, and in a second, closely watched, but it was an idea, and then the sentence ended. readership waited for more sentences.

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impulse shopping in requiem and we only wanted a stern warning from outside.

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Monday, February 09, 2004

review package 

the present dictates a package of instant onion soup and tropes dreaming of engaged luck while hey it's Bob Dole on the range waiting for a moment under a kangaroo where's Liddy? what's an earthquake between friends? and the soon orange sauce of well it was terrific yesterday the soup rose from plain eyes we watched The Matrix Reloaded and dreamed of crap piled high angels in Baghdad wanted to meet Keanu Reeves before it was 'too late' only Fess Parker returned it was a movie bejesus it was 'like' a movie at least

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Sunday, February 08, 2004

closing comments while opening 

clear under distraction that loses words in penny drifts, popular approach being, lightest of game day service on assumptions, plexiglass detente, charm in middle and middling, while taken away as a child to die, a process saying guilt over and over, but not a moment without guidance as the sure details sap, gracious in looking for her but last on the list, as if the angels could remark on anything else, but there's a tear to mend, total collision while waiting, the people raid another, just to find the foreign exchange is suit, closed for detention services, piled high and phut!, elongating while disappearing, as news or knowing no more, crack in the gantry could prove problematic, chasing disturbance for a price, pieces seem remain

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