Friday, April 23, 2004

that is to say
Heidegger grew
a tone deaf

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meanwhile Hegel lops another one

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that was a relevant day, said peerage on a file. that close quarters could present a dedicated find sure brings minuscles and majuscules together. the effort in a line, to travel all the spaces, and the sentence left in mind: it gases as it finds us. so we are just containers, loose embolisms for change. relative issues concerning alien properties brings spells of relief, tho not without a surcharge. history resides in the desert that we want to burn. history occurs too in our land. all this strife marks a difference, and it might be a long time in between.

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relevant position remembers all turns. the spokes of the wheel resist the spinning rim.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

oh I'm not less
worth tho
look I didn't advertise
or these strange
onions in canvas
strain sense
use the consequence
I'm wave factor
fungicide party
loop merrriment
oh I'm sorry
Mexican food delivery
parting shoot
memory brain

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it's not my
fucking fault:
makes me mad

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Monday, April 19, 2004

the word for
dismay provokes
in the parking lot
of ripping, and along
the wide terraces
of explain yourself
there were prices
and presidents, thus
the capacity
to learn
more, error in
a guide

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

I'm such a lama and you met briefly as frogs mean something.
I'm sort the lama when in tents convention.
I'm search a lame heart lama trance vacation.
I am sake of lame là lama dance.
in I'm trade union in lama tactic last to reach.
I'm after that and this and all the lame way lama trance the Moma dance.

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binary comining while reaper Repubilican
and dimmer Democrater consecreate
ocean sown whence, spurious freezing
of antics on the page, yet no
language exists, only the people
in an action, until the action
delivers prompt or promptly,
whatever can be done, think of heaven
or the sound of saint, or elastic
resistance to the test
moment, skillful documention
of mirthful phrase, which says
in dream how the bending
hopes, in that hopelss
sort of way, mired in and colliding
while the moist foster business
goes astray, ramparts rewarded
and so forth, hurting
in memory or out foe it

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temper the new
without so much
as batting an
eye in these
parlous times or

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political ag/ncy on th/ hillsid/, as such a symphony, as such plain, th/ whistl/ of drums into myst/ry caving in whil/ a laugh, that R/publican talking to th/ ali/n conc/rn, that D/mocrat filling in, that sp/cious s/dim/nt nam/d Larry or Bud who wh/n G/org/ says so says so, or /ls/ a div/ across th/ country, an indignation allow/d to f/atur/, th/n bullying cavalry, a tribut/ to tribut/s, that G/org/ or that Dick lining up, that caus/ in /ff/ct with vic/ v/rsa, sludg/ slow /uphony tak/s th/ wav/s, soundl/ss is colourl/ss, th/ hillsid/ r/mains insid/ a d/ft word, wh/n words ar d/ft...

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