Saturday, February 28, 2004

it's time for a Gil Ott tribute!!! 

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one or another, selected 

is it your community that forgets a little bit? is it yours that lays the tribute on the steps or heaves it thru the transom, in sweetening of the image? trite plans of ownership, in the regulated network, so much working on. in which sentence particular does value add up? in grosses and researched via committee? laid to rest while finding a parking space? troop past the spot, something given in a social context. project choice, air of potential.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

diffident allegro span bonds
trite soupcon clearance. abide
train station rooting. dear of
bobcat rights on sticky
rice. nether ring bearer
excuse teem wiields
extra special dopamine. as in.
loose donkey treble fair.

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do you carry a martini in solemn word over plains read by rich bend of river while nature recuses by stream better than a night on cold choice? did these several particle rain dream needing sort out posing threat to benefit debit strike from core of able to concern? will shake of rain itself a parable hover vogue for churning street? how are the vestige cream return throng moved thru portions previously recorded? come stare at the morning.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

if only so much and if only green as cabbage and if only charge while lit from behind and if only the cranium and if only the statue and if only the caress over doves and if only the greener when silent or above and if only the new nature close the door and if only the streets of tomorrow and if only candidate thirst and if only membership trial and if only the suitor and reek and if only the say so today, now the quiet of interest and bringing

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little campaign leaving their surrogates one hundred delegates before Patriots Act for starters choices between the two new police commissioner after the Super Bowl formal review of championship deploy more officers make the findings public global fight against AIDS largest grant ever received by Harvard institutions get those grants two to nothing play Glazunov mostly cloudy this tonight currently 29 degrees magnifcent scope of this festival make plans soon

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Monday, February 23, 2004

the fine breakdown of use into personable pieces creates a backlog mobility, pray for rain. rain would loosen the heck from these snows, ending the season in time. if time grows more cogent, spring would always remain, but we've woven into mass, collected atoms, made a move. such moves predict an offering, a politics of tired ramparts and talk too much into the night. night closes when sun on treetops, bright red cardinal. winter seizes simply, after we think. we think further, as spring is another age. we think age, as spring is winter once again. trusting the logic that trusts the logic, we arrive at a point, furthermore and sacrosanct. it's all so sacrosanct. tillage and mud. that's Iraqi blood to defer to when we talk of going on. that's children not espoused. that's bother in campaign, while West Virginia (for example) loosens free. I guess I better save the country,? sighs Ralph Nader, to pin one thing to another.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

church definite in shades of regent diary

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coastal Popsicle(R) reacts to salty talk

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have another beer, enlightened one 

the best becomes a practice and honestly can't you make a saying out of what death does to children? we're all in Nicaragua now, only the smell is Vietnam and look at the Philippines and the honest labour of guttering. each flame has a whistle too much wind, with sure Marine effort and scratch. a pluvial setback calls the shots. in a moment a rare and disappearing, like the kind of clouds you spend presidencies for. Ralph Nader clears his throat even now. listen for his exit line. he's spelling out a classroom. children are conceptual, after all, as if you could carry anything. license falls on one and all. a broad-based initiative says darkness falls in love with darkness.

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