Saturday, February 21, 2004

telegraphed fuzzy components in time for spring

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topic sentences seen from afar

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greet the new page

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boon companions with crayons

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poetry disguised as public

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you wait here while I land on Jupiter.

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Friday, February 20, 2004

stop with collection
race of blue the
nouns consider hoop
and input flock
numbers bent and
stream purpose utmost
rock dueling
as alien hazard
fillingly Vegas strut
desert here's
a demonstration in
density language of
the deed a
smoke all
following on and
in truth
peers over
an edge

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trade on with the theory while you relax as an alien. the aliens tell us smog and smut, classic injunctions, then stand back. our actions precede other actions, also ours. we decide to reroute or renovate, it's all possible. if the first thing has a friend, the friend is first, and ours. aliens are tired. we're tiring. modest snow accumulation. the hills of West Virginia ring with what was left behind. some day, poles apart, some day, the orb.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

situate fish tho mourn the imperial. striped injunction in pre-molded time, a lot of cocaine. not cocaine dear love but the streets and their function. not simple fish but all life in resevoir. and not imperial to the touch, but flocks ungated. think again: groupers, rays, gars, sharks and oodles. think imperial smirk, stunned. think over the road to Hanoi, push the Chinese back, scare all those Americans still, and remember. think city by the sea, endeavour, and the bright clock face on the Custom Building. more info, poured into the day, and Venus bright as an airplane.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

go on 

in a train sense, tho lacking the bounds of run on. produce the news in Tibet albeit there is no Tibet. slam on Nepal, by way of a dead and waiting. the notion in between theories arrives as a modest resumption. it transpires as marching into the city, as what the fuck Bagdadh, as unranium leak, as an effortless king or emperor well-approved by the overarchiing fuss. magnified as the next slow walk to a John Kerry cares about me. honestly, is this next president this same? unwrapping reports and filling snow. juxtaposed perceptions amidst hey, while, think, drop, care. then a cattle crossing meaning, and the polls are in and serving now, perhaps as boss, folk, function: mixed up language demand, total sentence mock up, finite sinister rebate.

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now we ride into town. we read something and are 'ready'. a trail appears. distance provokes a word. we see a child, an example, the loom of time. the looming, that is, and pay attention. a war goes 'on'. we ask a simple question. there's a blue sky sometimes tho not today. see if snow makes a difference. some live outside. some take advantage. some work out rules. some run on. there's a planet in space, in spaces that are divided, in zones of preparation or ordination or scope. well, there's a story and a half. a rocket forms a purpose, blah blah blah. a party extreme. suddenly, the violet place, the perfect letter, the name, the act in conjunction. suddenly, in time for another vote, or practice is endeavour. we've gotten the sensation. the aliens proceed to distribute whatever it is they wish, in an astonished lapse in time. we've taken the town by storm, with exageration and it doesn't matter.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Speak Speak 

factor listen to this and just about time: West Virginia is daylights, forged on plainsong, while the goodly people enumerate.

West Virginia grabs erasure like can you filter. the waves of intense turns the village dynamo, that skills the mines, that loops the heads of hill, that sends a barter membrane on the top of all requests, that functions as a country, that steals a midnight oil, that collusion and that waxing, that zonal frequent embassy, that stone of effort in the man and woman, that the endless child breaks on the dam for instance, that streams and rivers fight, that notions exist as particles, that soon is never, that apt goes long goats and sheep and hogs and cows, that the structure loses exactly, that the meaning stubs forever, that noon coexists with blankly, that here is moment totaled as a gunny sack or glister, that since you asked and are a nation here's a bedrock trope or kind of politics to leave you, you alone, you in town forever, how does it feel?

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Monday, February 16, 2004


Bible marketing.
grass roots endocrinology.
parsecs salivation.
dirtbag phrenology.
tea party pity.
mirth fragrance.
angel embargo.
alien frappe.
war zone tidiness.
political gumball.
trade polemics.
morsel restriction.

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criticize economic policy while on the way in or out. struggles cause tangent, into a blue series, saying anything that comes to mind. after tangent returns home, the series reads red as can be. you want a calm instruction. you tell of economic policy from the vantage, and the rhymes consist of days on end. still probing the definition of case, but the series goes a green you had a tree for. nothing ends badly, or not at all. a lot of exchanges stir in the morning, tho black is a series too. and white is no different. after colour you begin to forget. the criminal weather straightens our narrow, for the enclosing cold and moment. war policy and the whole national strafes on a condition of explaining in words or less. this doesn't feed the millions. a change grows over yellow or silver or any line of colour. you've been bending with light for all your days. the tangent grows again, no centre is worthy of the name. until you've had your say, that is.

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

gesture treatment 

I was given an old apartment building to attend. it bore the republic with likeminded determination crossing the street rushed because of big truck. in the middle of nodding at the truck and still an apartment building peopled thoroughly, explaining is half the battle. other halves include bearing witness, reach a hand, feeding in the moment, possible angel, and the like. and the dislike, too, while bursting with flowers. more is a condition.

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