Saturday, May 22, 2004

as simple
as the place where
Tarzan scrambled
onto a rock then
leaped into a tree
taking a divining rod
and a carriage report
and an enclosure rat
and racist blue
and blame sudden
and steerage crude
and critical sport
and spelling laity
and turned
and seen
and rich beyond means
and then
and then
and then the chimp does a backflip
but only for a
moment friends
only critical
for a moment

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JS Bach's bathtub. looser portents travel to idle points in which, when you are ready, Tarzan yell. lunge upon an antidote while staking aclaim, ethics in more comp time. was rife with hayfield delivery, zest for television. stopped for an over all hike up the fucking mountain. rose thru occasions with a palimpsest in tow. was turned toward the rut of rain, then went wonky over the fact that dates are created daily. chivvying at all that while imitating Ron Silliman's shoe. post modern crunchy things. speedy drill team national poop. read about a diligent bevaviour in a vacuum meant for two. under gourd, for your protection. plush finders keepers sagging. attitude west of here, and so on...

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Friday, May 21, 2004

in a colour
in the definite
of what's
left behind
the word

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

a super honey of a black hole trailed into near you. you are not impressed, the weight of so much time. the black hole empties by filling, and you've been disracted. a mix of federations means a future, and it's dark in here. tomorrow may be too much in the past for some tastes. we're working pronouns into every discussion. suddenly light weighs something, tho we lift off with misery at each instant. now what, with all this space crushing into a small particular? are you rare as you think?

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Ultimate King of Condition rearranged my backyard. you, dear reader (or door eater), can claim reverence when you lift a pinkie, but seeing The Ultimate King of Condition control and command My Backyard brings sense and sentiment to the beginning of my thoughts. where will the expanse make itself known, as I bet on particular? is the advance mere gesture, something you can read about (nobly filled with duty as you are)? what's our dram of lesson for tonight? jazz on the radio may make some effects better known. The Ultimate King of Condition wants voter populations to instruct. can you reach a claim, dear reader, or must I? I feel like an invention at this time.

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Monday, May 17, 2004

political rest for all 

the movie felt good on the way down. in a New York minute, on the Jersey side, it included a prospectus entitling the audience to see the end. in such an end, a talk started over falls in which the name was spoken briskly. we expect something children, thought of highly. namely, we expect children in the space of the remaining minute. this minute is highly charged, desperate to a fault, and tenor sax. long bourbon until a sweat of breaking from the alien grasp. longer sweat of bourbon as expecting the election and final distribution. greatest sweat of all, without dalliance or surcease. that damn movie.

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remember tearing sounds on the edge beginning now

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fastened becoming a
dogmatic exert on
reaching pronounsinto
darkest space
where even the most
powerful nightlight
will not illumine
and the pity of seeing
someshunted preen
working for great
company while oh
these rascals
need to reinvent
the hoarse
or the verb
the doorinto a
clever barn
allthe while
wondering if
this driftwill
end in sentences
farmed perfectly
in terms of

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

class bounding
resistance fund
to be your
tune in war
or peace

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poly psyche out 

ratchet up the rockets, boys and girls, this new carbide traditional-use-of-power sounds like def stuff. possible program and holy smoke relates to housing theory, and we're in love. now we've got planetary wares to sell, and horse sense, and out of the loop means out of all chance in the dimming. changing into cost control beauty specified by blurry remnants doesn't give a hoot. our planet in the elongated sense has room for others, also elongated. maybe them aliens are right about stuff, carrying on thru turquoise ages of laterals to the running back, who slips a defender and runs rampant into centuries of glory. will you use as you grow fond? allegiance is yet another word.

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