Tuesday, November 25, 2003

nervous people are stuck with asking elves. the aliens join the team. people wonder what 'time' it is. the elves are fresh and lonely, like pure light over the sea, or minstrelsy, the best kind. aliens are adept but struck by long passages. people aren't equal and haven't the gizmo to fix that. the elves appear from behind a tree. inner states, complete break from expectation. aliens survive as wordless expressions and desert wind stuff. people go to Vegas. miraculous clouds shrug off elvish and alien interference, whereas people can't do anything right. there's a war in Irag, by crackie, says an oldtimer, for what it is worth. this completely irrelevant phrase resonates against sea cliffs and desert hills. documents are prepared, that people might understand. where's the CIA right now? someone asks, seeming to 'get' it. crowds begin their vacation.

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moss covered banks and moss covered bankers. we test pictures with slivers, reversing the faction note by ignorance. elves talked to aliens, realized all was 'okay'. final cartoon stalked poems to the end. the end was nearly televised but couldn't get the conditioning. serious blatancy worked the room. some looked to West Virginia, where green is memory and the proud sky delivers moaning the same. a tender worth for the elves at last. they've been alien allowed but the stories are sold for chancy return. someone scoffs allegience. crack in the aspect, walled in panic. wobbly vacation from the overworked fret of career on the outs. news looms unpublished.

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Monday, November 24, 2003

nemesis rating 

let's face it, nearly every thought has been overdone. this you/me thing goes overboard at all turns. history gangling falls over itself, never very effective. the space between words grows looser by the moment, and moments themselves are suspect. pages seem to be viscous, visible, vivacious, vain, varied and venting, yet no relief ever comes forth. the triteness of words, and their willingness, just cause romantic injunctions. most causes aren't effects, but we pray to them that way. final theories always seem to come up short. George W Bush is president, apparently.

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news item 

federated munchie stuff took control, elves were in the streets, crispy goodies provoked world domination, inner tubes were outerwear, people placed name tags on sweaters, dogs raced to blimps (left unseen traces), history gulped a real good smoothie, taste treats were everywhere, future people would invent snack cakes, a hammer could be tasty to some instances, further repulsion brought both sides, government added a creme centre, a special dollop meant more than ears to eyes, the crunch that says great! left a package in the polling booth

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something versus something 

compote mayhem meets lesson meridian, the telling goes sleepy, posts concern naming, the people have spoken but don't use spoken, the lesson mention tossed, the lesson formula turned, leek lessen time in beak of framing, the Constitution flipped the lesser bird, the more bird made fence, along the fence side by side were lengths of other fences, each fence spoke compote of mayhem

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in astonishment track star,
beatific mushroom clone,
microscopic dynasty,
shed caring,
domicile belief,
star traction ratio,
bellicose poem scram,
mountains of the mood,
style proxy,
hub bub reference gamble

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

as reference point, alien status made light plumb the stupid. from our view (poesy in disguise) we saw a sentence full of laid out mirth. we saw the program for future abeyance, or something equally slack. how kind is the lighting of these super nuclear ships of state, that lubricate the skies for better sailing? if only we could bend with the selfsame light: lyric entity muffled but acute.

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there was enough, a delivery. incense broke the mold, as paying customers looked for work. the time included all that folks could say. it was shrill resistance in the matter of dimes and donations. the real war was in between.

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there was a time and the aliens watched.
our forces were peculiar. the aliens added.
we drove over cliffs with exception and proceeded into the other end of the story.
the aliens gave crisis a winning name. we were enthralled.
a tidal praise scouted territory for us.
our years were before us, even our past.
the aliens wielded nothing so grand as their own report.

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