Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Nepal turns to Tibet and sez: "I want your doctor most of all." this turns China sideways. Tibet refrains from not saying: "years of emphasis 'may' remain." and China might not please the instinct that says "a choice goes more left or right." it's all like resistance. America is a big word. big indeed, it holds a mountain more and more. Tibet cries out and Nepal looms deeper. the drugs of aliens rinse the leftist right. can you bear this incriminating sadness, while you date the newest find? Sudan coughs a gutter ball, beyond the spaceship spring. today, a falling day, waddles into course. what is this national up you see? suddenly at ease.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

at least that excitement, nether power over Nepal lump. olden mountains among people of view, then inside the spelling of insurgent, well inside and the box fits mending. and it's you, alas and always, clump on moutnainside. me too. over to the Tibet news, or lace approximate to the kind. junk pose for a space of time placed just so. it makes arithmetic in human terms, to confuse each buzzing gesture across your door. a farmstead of Nepalese and agency, a Tibetan barn door or trial bloc, a Sudanese what the fuck in terms you can understand, and so on. seat of anxious gods in namesake actions. pulled apart in excited journey neat as spell. possible open source declaration, inside a minute for the public grown cooler, out of minding. walks that way, this is okay now.

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