Saturday, January 24, 2004

cleared out parsecs
and deviate
launch path
the environment
sweats another
trace elements
on the rampage
total dorks
taking control
of impulse shopping
suture the mix
and alien understanding
holds the door
and alien pond scum
waits for spring
and alien delicacy
rooms with our children
and anything else
too familiar to name
or forget
thus the committee
thus the works

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

value added differences
come to mind
and you tell
the heroic
action committee
to listen
deeply practice
noise in Iowa
or other rates
of decline
while waiting for fucking
tax cuts waiting
for fucking peace initiatives
waiting for green trees and
rhythm banks
and tender dogs
and loop wings
and free bends
and pond scales and
right poise
and murk tendril
and kindle dream
and drift monkey
and shake action
and tools
of rich kindred
thru wet nights
in cold delivery
now mixed
in between words
and ploughing
thru this winter
or the total
day out there
thinking of

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

a gift of late season as the rift grows colder. state of the ruin address, there are just pieces floating around now. and we have alien the concern all these years! a slight fracture, state of the rune. when we were able to congest upon the record, much went sideways. no one throws easy street into the breach like old days frozen out. the new world bends a fragrance over topnotch toast points, scurry past the remoulade and into the zone of portions. that is resitance by any other name. my distinction overthrows yours, until daylight appears. after that it is just plain sentences, as many as can be read.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

this is my monster. this is trade off. these pieces are well the words. your path inscribes between two differences, and the delicate toll of assumption. notice the John Kerry ratings in Iowa, which will go away with everything else. notice hills in the distance, complete with the loss of saturation. Bao Dai, emperor of astonished, lives on. news succumbs to possible singling out. you choose a popular idea and fold it into the broad based voter turn out. a different set of rules applies, closer to the ocean. our desert hindrance waits, listens. Emperor of Sky and Space returns with more documentation. we'll just get out our pens and fill in the forms now.

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Monday, January 19, 2004

Candidate Sky indicates a worm hole thru which time closes for the rational institute betokening the national hazard and real time demiurge while thrift mongers retail new licenses and free rein possession mildly distributes in IOWA strong idea mention tho people realize radical embolism with just a curative practice of voter turn out or easy tourniquette the most unseen of minstrelsy proving the gumption of laity in sentences and throng, well, that's the apparent at this time

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Sunday, January 18, 2004

candidate name 

Emperor of Sky bullies
procedure, direct
active culture in
making, grows old
thinking dark, and
troubled nation joins
the work or
so it is thought
the disagreeable
desert function
spills a little more
and excuses trump some
Republican card
while dealing with
automated whatsis
as pure as the perfect
cave in in time
of emergency
give it up
in the name of
getting along in the
common cause
and effect
et cetera,
variously spelled and
roughly engaged

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Emperor of Sky reduction 

the aliens engage letting the desert fall into decline while names of countries grow into ideas to image but wait those in/of sky pronounce intentions saying give up at this time immediately under the power over you all I have and my army do not hesitate in the thinking foolish humans but lurk also not since my effort is all commanding and the days shorten with each minute going on you cannot deliver a reply but acquiesce haha my power is more than sneaking up to you hahaha and more terrible still when you realize all hope is without a good cause exactly because I am command of the Army of Sky that will take your measly human pittance for the smoke that I see haha evil is my game that I can play any time the war you make is only a sub fraction of your imagination compared to the awesome power that I command and so on, haha, and so on

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