Saturday, July 03, 2004

this isn't a nation yet but rocks piled determinedly. the aliens gave us a piece of their mind, the residue of perhaps a happier sun. we drove into the desert, having heard that the angels reside there. we wrote a few despatches, but nothing returned. in the morning, we'll get to work. language has been imported.

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Friday, July 02, 2004

the woods filled with supreme distraction, such as was stated when the marching came to a stop. system reception worked as a colour, and all West Virginia flipped the switch. as exciting as that, yet no one cooled in the conclusion until equipose distilled to proper end of days. this is the alien spell reaching Britney's perfect time peace. no one's watching when you read the loop these words must go. just sit in the spelling, then, agreeable to sand.

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

there was the
war broke
down into
member parties
drinking made
left the room
and it was
all in the year
of memory crater
day like a last or
first throng
left to the

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

publish sullen
using backwards words
and in that
fashion a decree
that's wrap a blank
while wearing a
sweater thru
the deadly night, then
take a truck stop
half of a
in the
language had you
choose, the after effects
precede by clearing
word from
after all you

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in yea these words successful to the minute, cursive strokes that look so nifty, practiced patiently in frisky abeyance while the stress of tabulation brings on moons of utter cold and dark, yet word in edgewise makes a clearing definite tone to proceeding in the book itself, launched from the stars or star dust crap or whatever, see Britney on stage! love her live, and prepare a next day for exegesis as likely as any other act of udnerstanding that we can 'allow'

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Unto the Britniad 

totally famous like a wet furnace in the engine leftover, she smiles frankly at the thought of what more is left to considerable. we're not blank in seeming so, just trained to tie on. she's definitely the next thing after what was on. she wakes us to cold in the morning, as usual as the gust of wind. segments of society are hers in a nutshell. indeed, her nut itself takes over. we blink because we rain on the hum, and because we can. this is what aliens mean when they need a turn. they need to find us finding out. Britney 'as such' begins to supply a sentence. not new, just something in the here and now (whichever comes first). it's all in morose code, as it happens, but that shouldn't bother you, me or the rest of 'us'. the work will supply its cause.

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publish this plan, Britney's getting married 

my sediment fell into place. my alien conquered when the last word was spent. my nation was a rack of pain, cool stress action needing just a plan. that's all the theory in this envelope, last the night. when you read of reading, did you lift a lasting smile on agreement and the bloom wears off? it was time to go off, deep acid test to the ring world and its plan. it was then. exceptional when we woke, together in just this, we said it wouldn't last in the language that came down. it would need some alien concern, beyond the marks on our cave wall. strictures need details of written turnpike, into the city finally sold on us. smoke some 60s dope until a plaid delirium becomes the book you care to mark. this is the effort of a disjunctive paradise. and while we're at it, write a new moon over constitutions.

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Monday, June 28, 2004

that speck of entertainment 

you have wet Araby lying to you, while the desert seems like present for a finish. you've talked to the bold bear in the morning, that rumbles into a situation, and you've voted certainly. the caustics you use wear thin, like breath mints on a dry detour. will you be expending a cherished latitude while considering this world? are you Husserl rumpus in the mountains, with divots of gravy to explore? can this language exalt on a nemesis, without assistance from the throng? cheating the involved plotline of such constant reminders should disgrace any attempt at narrative. you've made a bedrock plan, sainted driving to the store at night. now you must refer to an exhaustion that you intended, even as you jumped up and down. you've become the political mass you talked about! now there's a land in the distance.

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

freshen the date with
new templates while
praying to the
Hollywood excitement
of Aliens from
we can find
refinement in
political ploys
that satisfy no
teeth but
the smallest present
in the time we have.
this will not define
the end only
brighten the conception
of beginning

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the aliens got thru, deep into a solemn lumpy earth that is home. into a green sward of culled from the brink. into institutes of angels leaving Baghdad wooded screen, as snappy as payment. then crying out over long speakers of address, as if the nation caught the flew too far. no more the relinquishing sedition but this over lord shit. spikes in the air as the perfect detail, while you waited in honest thrum on a little guitar. only too much more than never again. such language, friends of saying so, such language you want to bring!

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