Saturday, March 20, 2004

cool lama takes
lake of meaning which
publicly adverts pandemic
seat of learning
bundle of nerves the
closed infrastructure menace
while debating
here and now

people strand in deferred meaning
slopped over mundane and travel
to the ends of their sentence

patches in consideration
hold that the
enfolding alien terms
redeem us and quickly

the whole topic smells
of elderberries

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

alien aim feature 

dour remnant laughs at Curly while LARRY moans Moe than ever. looks consider divine paunch of which relic now pressing? scourge learns of tormorrow. but Attila was fine, after that. the tested version said Martha Stewart, unctuous heaven. smooth definition laid a foundation, all over. it wasn't until later. a farm spring rends a popular culture crux. smells of teen spirit a la what's up DAWG??? shout out to all my sein und zeit. wood opera as desperate measure. cream coloured destiny. shiny yellow peeps. insane in the membrane finance company. what you talking bout, between two several. Jersey shore ding dong. credit debt and sort forth.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

point dust toward
loose possible
treat each neatness
with feature envelope
sale price noon until
further enclosure
stock rich pile
after dark

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spring divots make
a tender wrap
of three or two
along the sameness
of all lines
the growth
constant steals
a mirror tails
off in huffy
when the aliens
see the point
the very point

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Monday, March 15, 2004

sun dispenses elegance throwback
while a whistle purples
on our dust. we sag along
the dreadnaught delivery, swooning
farfetched crumble respond. which day
in several rebounds clears the frost
and sparkles topmost in the mere? those
wicked clumps of grass.

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

once proven window
discloses lake effect
briar. we cried. the engine
difference broke
control fever over
loose land mass. as of
people but corrupted.
margins were igloos
in the layabout
of a national
pride. we strove
doorstep, eyeglass, and
temple bell, to no
avail. we wrote
bookwork, handicap, and
pharmacy. we instilled
basic loss poise
and spread. when the
regent commanded
doctoral plop, the essence
of a winter day
filed down to
mass. we weren't
indifferent to
the pain -- what would be
the point of that? -- but we
sat as quietly as
possible. the great idea
had a poem or
nuance to lend, which
we saw as disaster, or
starcraft to the
furthest reaches. then we
got to talking.

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