Saturday, November 22, 2003

one short moment 

when I think how strong my love is for you
in a sentence built of the littlest words
and the sport of morning climbing over docking
to the coloured span into tree and interest of bluer
ran the green ridge as a sight and spacing
of indeterminate lines quickened
to speech and enabled by determinations
as the countryside repeats
hard words until a vocabulary shine
droplets that fell were still and varied
the spell is a length of rope that we
hold between us time isn't morose
the aliens have come and gone
we have a practice that is live
and these hints tell a present
circuit and attention
how the world and can it as we
struggle press and situate the sounds
twined in colour

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Friday, November 21, 2003


literalists got together. I decided to give in. the perfect has its place. on my embryonic journey I got a little chilled. a rush of light fed the moment. somebody said, it's a day in august! later, I found out that I misheard. still, it all seemed interesting, especially the way sentences hung together (almost). Jefferson Airplane flew in. I felt like crud. then, when beer was finally invented, I gave my soul. well, that's a tale for another day. currently the air seems probable, with a federated sunset having got to the point of red. red as in relax, the sky isn't your own mercy. the folks who've studied reach across the dinner table with a struggling conviction. I'm glad I'm not one of them.

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no one's left 

isn't it any wonder
worth the last time
you did
and the pieces share
green hills young
importance going
stern or bow
till after with the
words the place
comes a name
it's no

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lieder of the free world 

especial literate
trade show dogma
comes a
grill of
pasturage detail
complex slip
a mickey win
the sweat of
deliberate public
dead skip spence
or any numeral in
your congestion
fought the war
in vietnam or
struck against the
bold iraq
or wimped out
loss factors
who will get heavy
with their
poem slot
will get the
bold rolling
stein breaking
cool slush
in the strong
seizure psych out
poll union
guff fading
docu-drama reliance
in poem stew
and gambling

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Thursday, November 20, 2003

take us to your LIEDER 

even punk ruins. sediment flows over remorse and tells THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS the damage of commerce. a proud union shows displacement. historical reaction flies into the face of CYNDI LAUPER. a plan is hatched. MARIAH CAREY lurks outside with Greeby, the star child. the sound of MEXICO rings in the distance, everyone wants to rock onto the music of LOS LOBOS. bears are attracted to TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS, near riversides. ANI DIFRANCO is the bomb eat finally. look unto the works of ANTHONY KIEDIS and FLEA at this time. purvey what the blessed need. deliver the weevil. WEEB EWBANK is an interesting name. patience follows STARS. this condition is DENISE LEVERTOV'S HUSBAND. the terrible alien conspiracy ends with us. MICHAEL JACKSON signs a fragment. there is just enough time for RON WOODS. fresh from cordwainer, the bunch conceived in interest, built in seconds and set into the vortex, where ARTHUR C. CLARKE builds the future from fresh. [cont'd tomorrow...

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the set of rules where poetry went 

the biscuit is relieved,
the kittens find their brute thing
lavish with praise,
sensible reactions clutter the foyer,
sparkling clean dishes leave
nothing to say,
the person who says
'and yet' becomes a
pilgrim defending detergent,
space bars
litter the world
with empty promise,
the popular approach
contains a category

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Luigi Boccherini left Italy NEVER to return. began to compose his early symphonies in SPAIN. preflight plans were DISCOMPOSED. a streak across the sky could NOT have been an angel. sudden movements in the shadows might be GHOSTS. music itself rises into the AIR. structure of RIME insists. there is music in words, or AROUND them, leading to gravitas. fair planes reveal the view from the HILL. the green hollow CRADLES its own. memory plays TRICKS. Boccherini was never at SEA for long. advice is an arising DISTANCE.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

finalize dead game,
liquefy distraction,
compose raid,
slight earning,
market share,
earn caboose fragrance,
delight nonchalance,
portray vicar,
tell Michael Jackson,
scoop persiflage,
flip off partnership,
alienate alien,
reify rector,
smoke out,
close over,
pound on,
substitute fraction

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something resides in the downpour, the personal and capture. rare victims explain the process, tellingly right and speaking within the tropical need of their sentence. are you disappointed with these words? a person might ask, a place in the road. the road looks outsized, extending into Einstein's ideas, where rest is perpetual if not broken. we would ask for dramas, and ready spaceships confronting the most abject of exaction. a hobo flounces thru the comics page, then is told to get real. such a change in proceedings, and wanting to rectify the way language flops over itself, even as the aliens watch. thought turns the corner, stars make a difference in the picture held aloft. people are tired in their vagaries, tho chance remains number one. poetry pounds the beach with instant, tho the instant drags or disappears with telling. still, there's a bounty kind to carry. mangos fly to aid. just picture that, for starters.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

satisfied munch of book. real good book. truckle with bad book, not the book for you. taste absolute book, it's time in the right ranch. nowhere is everywhere book, lightly read and blew. free to read book, near the coast and fog.

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too heavy if if when tale if when time if when love and also such as given here in name only or action only or chord only too if then healing or sending or reading in light as shift thru channels or change of subject everything that hurts has a name too if then made scented or made new or made at all too heavy to think to fall in love or fall for time or falling itself in this day and age there's too many and too soon and too much and to the point a ray or something that a friendly tone would resonate and supply too to you

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Monday, November 17, 2003

phlegm wad season 

jump top o morning shit be
saint sparkle for weed
demon excuse soar
mindless fresh
chump change for
vacation duty sod
lopping tool shedding
hint dope skipper
as rock weighed huffy
if too much waddle prose
the poke it poses prod
sweat heaving syrup rump
of sky sore station heat
such as residential wax
no moon mump means
the same
in tote the bull warp
trading zone a
language tooling shared

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fall apart apart 

candle patch preview, surrogate sentence structure, partway reckon war, stab beaming lump poll, dirty vote factory, meaning latch, agony proper, allotment girl, chance of orphan mud, money praxis, engine twine, monster station, airplane heck, status haven moor, trundle dead, Viet mint, tally bane, sportfrog teaser slump, dick chain gorge bush

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defend you, it's a dull appreciation of rain over the crest of some last word. look at the tall syllables, and I am for you. as I talk the static, something lumpy in the air. bad sun stuff leaps out, endless array and tell you where to reach the gesture, or the gent's room in a hurry, or specious statements filling space: are you allergic to the war in Iraq? that was the day.

furthermore and no more death than relief, the pile of keep the light on so no one slams into me. it's a piece of something age recovers only partly. talking it over makes sense, wherever you are

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Sunday, November 16, 2003

step into space 

Gertrude's writing notes is writing notes and sampling. the music then is Gertrude then now and then it's Gertrude. light stalls as it whips across the universe, kids scream, hey it's a Phish concert, droplets spun thus and so. Gertrude is debutante in language debut but this is that and more or less. hey it's Phish concert for ever or a while. Gertrude is under the spell of where the word went when going is meant. hey it's a Phish concert until tomorrow. on tomorow and this little or so much time attention. it's a concert Phish and in its stead as has been said all along and thru the light. Gertrude wrote to town. dictated to a sentence that sentence that listened dictated to that sentence.

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the ratio of given switches within the stiff progress sorting of twine. lifted from desperate rope on seas of if/when, dividing tense to contribute to brokerage fee. when made as shambles, lining up in direct payment, then seen thru the starlight parametre. church points to who knows what. out of regent star and sun bursting its seams, a went thru this. no one struggled while Neruda broke free. intelligent damage report scoffs on the rocks in Virginia Woolf. intelligent damage report is years later, at a time like this. and the potency of shame reverses the stern, brings around a tale of Nicole Kidman as the greatest ever to occur lately. our bunk is anyone's. just as the surface tends to veer, so the sentence looks to centre on moving objects. and the state reverence for the thing itself, deadened but worth a wink. no known node remains, evacuation stays plentiful and perfected. thus steps taken in the middle of the night produce a learned ratio. people come to their sense, then others, an awful fit find.

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