Friday, January 09, 2004

relax decrepit while
standard issue
includes moan
over rinks of ice
stating furtehr
insolence or
the wandering
tempers the jewel
or foists
rocket on heaven
but war
as an attitude
clings to the roof

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choice in soprano tending
toward raid of copters
crack of explosive timed
in quadrant hunt slain
module after requiem
parsecs from home
booed on the outs but
planted in mainframe
history fizz
grafted bionic
claptrap peerage
slate coloured
points new blue
rocked by club
brought to bear

tidal waltze burning
after image
secret war
to end all wars

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

manage slip early
canonical, the beams
reform pristine,
reflected canon
as you will encounter,
modernizing impulse
what people will
think of,
see this also

too much too

the cold in
alien terms

eventually was extended
monastic system

even today
the close alliance

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

wandering to trying
in inquest fever
right of passage

federal alleviation
renders the

an ocean burden
of Dalai Lama

vision in

plain bison
in the distant

garnished moon
strip to alien

whips thru
loss of

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the kindly way, the dark path, the broken road, the dopamine. Dr Fu Manchu, DDS, spends a weekend at Frank O'Hara's gravesite.

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we're talking in present. bombing taste falls on anything, while negative seems the poetry. one field crosses the nature, to read into with lacking drain. this time to the present closes some field, working thought over the dread that has been captivated. Dr Fu Manchu, DDS, arrives late for work. 'what seems to be the problem, Sir Denis?' slow refuge. the issues were presented and people gave their two cents worth. the community was quite small. aliens were left out. Mars isn't exciting, as we look upon it. our role presents itself. slow refuge. right from the beginning, the role of the lay supporter.

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Monday, January 05, 2004

list work, 1/5/04 

the aliens were kidding. battle lines were drawn, then inked, then re-inked, then a standing invitation, then a standing army, then a stand, then a policy referral, then a quote from Winson Churchill, then radicalism deployed, then a partial reinstitution, the a full-fledged aerial attack, then a squandering, then a continued squandering and resquandering, then a label, and poetry, and a prize, and further prizes, and a book deal, and an explanation, and a redefinition, and the town becomes frail, the eyes of teachers fade, fathers fail, mothers simply still, arrest is political, inquest becomes available, radio static sounds like words, monsters start again, networks isolate, sentences end, nouns becomes verbs and verbs go: all this on monday, every fucking monday...

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Sunday, January 04, 2004

the pistols field research. moonbeams pay back quick. out of an argent sky a bolt of excitement. drama could exult henceforth, if Tarzan knows what's what. trees sloped on ritual. the aliens looked to their rays. effective angels ran down the street. there was pollution in mind. people heard a din. Wesley Clark spoke earnestly. Dick Drago left the Red Sox: Dick Drago!!! further adventures were serenaded. 'Sir Denis Nayland-Smith, I have you at last,' chortled Dr Fu Manchu, DDS. the aliens weren't kidding!!!

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