Saturday, December 13, 2003

it lasted for 20 minutes or the last of any until the angels could figure the closure of sky and deal: who are the more murderous? where's the limit? what sentiment will now arise....? the questions served as will, night brightened by a few document bombs, there's a rich enclave of rationale laid straight, aNTHONY kIEDIS has resorted to further fame, a little billow of smoke, the caress of autumn on West Virginia slope, the rewards are many...

and now the actors lift their accords...

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Friday, December 12, 2003

sacred in the moment
angel fliies over
and the 'situation'
in Iraq
melts with firm
resolve as in
the firm of Halliburton
or your own
miniscule aliens
beep at the faction
and tirade walks the
streets in history
the angels
embark for
stronger climes
and better motive
oil logic
drives your car
and you are
free to go home

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

slight delicacy or apt benefit while deferring to the minute (great ambling vocatives) useful until sign language installs newer order; lose tastes of melting and initiative parcels land until stopped by Vietnam Vets Against the War or oily mental mistakes; civil obedience takes the stand shading under the call but not smearing the total right infratructure and piercing tutelage; hovercraft air lanes while not even the least bit of difference uninstalls; sodden in claim and working under impression; 'this' is a part of 'it'.

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slush fund repeats daylight, as anTHONY kIEDIS mulcts recent umbrage. the aliens are peculiar, the angels expensive. that rumble in the sky receives due notice.

the war rat understands itself peaking, this time trained greatly. Richard Nixon wants his office back. Uncle Sam's in a hell of a jam. lurid rap sheet.

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aNTHONY kIEDIS steps into any Baghdad and tells angels. no reliance remains in the crystals. the lithium drive goes full tilt, and sleep returns as abeyance. no mask uncovers the terrible treatment of aliens by angels, and vice versa. our hero wants to boogie down the boulevard, with any animal known. trade shows rock the earth.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

slant season 

sentiment as perhap sly angels. their debit cards rendered zilch in Baghdad province, repeating Vietnam with a flick of a wand. trumpet sounds great news, great news. a buzz thru fa-la-la, until the aliens look around. more reports need space to delineate all the arid incredible devious trail out of Baghdad. the angels start a revolt, which is carried into greener lands and bluer skies. children of West Virginia leave their names on short lists. other folks bank on. radicalism produces a caulking embargo; the angels fail to groan. the aliens fail to gain the angels. a spearhead resumes its intended. a total for recent days contains the embryo, plastic colour bet yet no mere social reading. crowds become sonic in their defeat. the first angels scram, boil over intended for human consumption. your new born king awaits.

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Monday, December 08, 2003

first angels leave Baghdad 

large letters in
fade on surface,
directed pity in
some words (places),
field studies show
accounts differ,
slapdash extremes
anoint some
'moment', excited
tedious rebuke,
reads headline, topical
examined daily,
such as this
can be deferred,
more later

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Sunday, December 07, 2003

stomp fizzle broke
data tree impacting
harvest headset
as part of toxic church
pew: ornate fudge tractor,
derived cold spell,
popular it,
fudge fractal,
shine feasible,
denture train,
smog freshness,
sleigh tripe,
bonus bibulous,
seer soap,
caustic daydream,
mud portion,
sled door,
rocket cottage,
Vulcan mine melt

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the aliens gave up package after fiasco, bottled their intention in blurry science while we hedged our set up, turning toward the sun as likely while buried, turning away at other needs, covering the draft with old newspapers, each paper laying out a different crime, not that Nicaragua ever, or slice thru,

changes in the way documents discharge, perhaps a moan over rocks, a steerage committee commenting on lakes, stress on idyll while matched with a poem's 'response', tucked away as is, slave trade obsequiousness and community means network tied to impulse, slopping over,

chucking the dredge means,
fleecing the embargo crowd,
moulting over range,
ranting wild numbers,
coaxing the alien inquest

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