Saturday, October 02, 2004

luckily the foundation garment episode over the alien vote. mild turf expression seized by Kerry in creak. yet now at Bush finale clings to rope sizzle, off course mayhem planet. ouch is in truth a way to vote. further stab at date, nearly accurate in a pan. language holds many misdeeds. still, ponds aren't above trouble. still ponds, that is. Bush declares a moanatorium. Kerry functions as arbiter of Kerry's mind. jet packs collect moss, apparently a key ingredient. we have to choose! there might be a dot in the sky. aliens as a surge protector, hmm. might be Bush's friend Cheney could ignite many things. which one is ours? ours after all in the voting booth, with inside voters, day of voting. all together in the mass against flows of such, we have to choose! close calls as always. we've got the anger pattern. they've got the atrocity weight. weird to be part of it, even in reading past. words matter, alien concern.

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Friday, October 01, 2004

life during multi-pronged strategy 

a subject set to a vote. not the ordinary envelope, but the person sold to in charge. that vote colluding previous text management units, your peers and speakers grant, and the inviolable label rooming in logic. then source poetry offered in collection haze finance, which doesn't spend a dog or two, exactly. are you followed along with that demonstration of text in your life? foundry embedded further, frequenting steel mill cities and glass door catalogues. your vote, aside from all booths and booth-making equipment, and the industry of daring to say, all salute into the night of exactly it. each task takes a day with frontal dazzle, so we speak. we're in this with a foot, if more than a step away. lines go as strategy, and while we're prepared.

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Thursday, September 30, 2004

tiny advice as was come to 

your vote is electric ozone reading Rilke's "Sonnets to Orpheus" at half time of the moment spectacle delivered free of charge. how are you to hold it all? and the rhymes of your vote will be blue suede steed instead of lighting a bomb plot against the merrie days of revolution so you think. your vote happens in the time taken from trams, from subs, from buses that were perfectly equipped for time. your vote needs you explained. I am the same part of anything as you and see that matching each distant fad with a functional alternative will require license in dread. still, we're a team, potent because we said something. is the booth warm or cold today? advice got me to this spot alone, but we can go the further route together.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

your vote collects. your vote marches Iraq in a time of plenty. your vote in the serious, while aliens add a number on the prop of saying something thru. yours is the central vote, at minutes in your language, life, literal beginning. your stash of votes has Iraq in a haze, and impetus in Nepal, and chosen figures on the coast of Vietnam. your vote is vital while distribution matches the poor impact clobbering. your vote and the booth it rides in says a lot of years go by. lots of silly angels left to demise in the armoury of vetting. your vote is contagious after points in space. and when I vote, alongside you, the temperature is nightly news gone fat as haze. your worries are over as you listen to the network. you and me, that's a pretty picture to continue in a place. that place is time enough, we think. yes or no, while working on excuses? have we turnbed into a tree, in space, in time, in and out a lot?

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

optimum continuation scrolls past
idea management and clears the root
cause from interdiction monocle
such vision in the sake
of dabs of particles in the
particular compelling stream
that reachs a chronic apex
in the description pile
of leaf thru these documents
and as the choice wardens
prepare the voter's booth story
the ageless artiness inscribing
Doppler time drone considers
the best of all possible worlds...

welcome to the reference point
for merrie more misdeeds
the sun sets

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