Saturday, September 25, 2004

my best is home. it treats what were the littlest in the room, then caught off guard. it isn't me exactly to say. it isn't mine in the hovering but only determined by a national interest that I only signed a bit and roasted for fire. thus aliens as the spirit of saying something somewhere. long shadows break according to literary rules, and this includes the best. cheer up the vote while the booth still has room. my best isn't exactly me.

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Friday, September 24, 2004

click on trouble. ride url to what the fuck. this isn't my vote exactly, it is a patient design around the idea. click further trouble. in this arena words are a way away. if a person on the other end, click, it's that simple. a voter public in space. ethereal mood benders making work out of click. see the patent? the air inside the outer door, where else could we be included? note that the aliens are inscribing all this, just in case.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


your new voting booth has collapse for your good and is paid for. your doubt pays half the sake, in case of time. your mood swings past certain culture structures, mean to explain things. these booths fit fording techniques next to examining rivers. more to explain while candidates make the dust. don't stop until all the voting booths are neighbours to your ardour and happy to complete your door.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

aliens with pronouns present an analgesic forward. the lump is vote, into a ford. the river runs rapid, into forward, where speech is veiled. after veil, it's all right. after all right, it's better. guess the vote in alien terms. guess at the function in true trial. gather something hazy overheard. talk of same thing again. speak again in the angel war, in Baghdad where plenty. justice in instant. again a missive. also started a test case, and will fill the booth. also stayed in tune, against the test case. also sailed into the river vote, the sea vote, the later vote. all this in music, time to find your rent.

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Monday, September 20, 2004

correct imagine vote on top of a very fierce lake. the angry lake takes a booth and swallows, all those votes. the lake is imagine, while you choose your distress. the angry lake! your time is worth something, as is your feet in the booth. you've taken a chance on love, learned to inner child, now this booth in the lake and all woods together. your wood is angry and it wants a lake. your lake is angry in time for vote. how do you do it? prepare yur correct image, and the lake. the education you gave and sent, and the angry vote inside. fix a common war hound and angry the lake. that poetry you agreed to, in the lake of voter booth. are you crazy to say so? prove that you are a lake.

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voter up 

the perfect more than ever proved out the come together march while initiating some classic reverb tautological emphases during which the vote cast down. Ringo's sitting in the plenary drum vote while John's angel stops by a pile. Paul's cozen as the same time means George's guff of wind. instant success! the savour of vote for thru, but the habitat examines in detail only the provable. ballistics tell of churning rivers towards a see that. everyone needs help, and it's on its sway. the booth wants somebody to love, and during which all such easements looking their effect. another day another distribution. the flowers aren't especially satisfied with the decades gone by. Arch Duke takes a bullet for betterment but probably would've chosen some other vale. thus a monday, on average.

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

vote got game (spoken by 'aliens') 

votes in the hay, where the lay down. of the poor and downtrodden a quart to recognize. a ton experienced in terms of patience. the swooping of finance in the garden talking voter population. a creamy colour for distribution. firmer hues for later consideration. the vote eats the booth. a mazy hemisphere full of concern, calls for puff out. numbers pulled together to act as vices. strafing voting polls, to allow for dedication. creases in saturation while forgetfulness engages the path towards the last booth in hell. workaday logistics telling for taxable space, the inkling of breath. hey, railings on the booth for the elderly! choice referendum filled with humps. mold grows in two places, and you are one on them. where's the art of the mess?

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