Thursday, October 02, 2003

it manages in a moment, then an aside. trembling trees denote ferocity: something you dreamed. the ocean was warm and reliant, you saw strange creatures. there were weird effects of flying to be recorded, and duly you did so. now autumn has broken loose, you almost trip up. what music comes to you even now?

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a little descriptor 

the setting proved narrative, a treat more sympathetic than the rhythm of decline. nations fail in their story. people grow tired of the lines. drums perform in a vague air, which delivers nothing until we've recanted. extreme excuses slip off the map. the map was poor, refinement being a nemesis now. all was told and tolled. does measure fill the extended portrait? movement on the map belongs to one or two. other voice seems more adjusted to the fall. aliens continue observing, touching bridges and abutments.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003


only most desperate search and contain. the 'people' arise in voter popular. they let light into a room and say plainly, my heart aches and a dazzling smoothness hears my plaint. it was a woods on fire, smartly reprogrammed like napalm(r). how irresistible was the plan? the aliens could only observe, taking notes in whatever way they are trained. the 'people' find out some simple rhythms have goofed effect. the 'people' have truckled with the wrong tool, and awakened very tired. it is the sapping of night winds, those desert winds so fed and binding. the 'people' feel other notions must be contended, and the aliens can't or won't dissuade. talk has become associative, with little hope for 'proof'.

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only a little time, runners, express of tools that only you. you are tremendous and doubt is fossile. dabs at the eye in immediate, as the course of empire seems like a rock willing to fall. memories form a dictation in which you. you have claim in the tree, a modest background full of seeds and fruit, lack proper papers. forsworn is a daily combustion nicer than your effort 'today'. you're up for the better. take a swing at that practical sentence you have made, only too dear.

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loosened from the structure that meant some day, some black offer out of white holding group. some greener smut upon the redder theory. wallop most apt in the sentence, when there is time and askew. as you settle this forest and rely on what language did, you firm up terrible name and date. study of interest group, the leftover monkeys, then applying for supercession. a small note between large gaps of tried to explain. no verb in force, block sentence stride. what alien in the midst would hold that one? one is a group name. one fills a shoo-in. one goes network. oen seems too broad an article. the truclulent work up and out. the election trims a fw names, numbers are applied with ratio in heart. a loss song lasts but benefits from struck chord in the donour place. whistling gives way. all probabilities skirt the issue, which is a stammer from even the brave.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

enfolded desperate talking point met world changing lighthouse, the race was on. night speared by lighthouse raygun, news from ships at sea. all is loss, or steps there. comparing one lathered Idi Amin with one Pol Pot with one entire government of United States, verse seer loses thread. thread vanishes in steel-toed boots, in something people done, in green melting over grey like an air raid. there's no piece in napalm(r) but the royal planet itself. people read in while the aliens effect some miserable exception. tone loss, scared words, left to remain. it's a portion of what we have.

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it was delicate as the approach of a sentence. it cleared the idea of mentioning dirt to a tree. the tree itself was a parcel, it was calligraphic, it was possible in some mere bog. the people were ready to learn from their distress. this made an engine. the aliens were donated. they couldn't language the moment. their's was a draft of the final. we thought we'd wed the difference. we thought a lot of things. Cambridge grew on a river and slid time pour. we language and then different. it is autumn sun of all. the portion left seemed lambent. we didn't think the word. the aliens seemed adept from the mountain where they looked, an extreme. suddenly marks on the highway. a gasp of Arab nations, of sensitive oil production. could there be a program lending us the difference? the aliens watch. they think narrative has a sentence. there is a post by the road.

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why at alien all? 

champion magistrate
the werewolf envelope. the field of
alien inquiry stops
on your doorstop. your
bean grows insolent.
your festival steams slightly.
your effort grows
crockery. yoiur
name stems fleet.
your ease becomes marble.
your stoop leans mean.
your grope lumps neat.
your stone needs harp.
your flub shoots order.
missile nonsense
fits your praise.

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smoke laugh pasture. wobble play struck, galleon tomorrow. in spatter lariat, call thru full moon and spring. and after dilation, prompt to much the after snake. toddle honest hampstead in the over streaming, it is such season of mist and bellow fruitfulness. wild as the strategy day mark, today a tuesday of combustion, choice is yours.

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Monday, September 29, 2003

could shadowy creep
the naitonal spending
the whole world speeds
divots of choice
there are no
clatter spaces
left in monstrance

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