Friday, August 20, 2004

a particular settlement of words in verse form standing cases of implication or beyond the new moon. standard is dross. a wind over the trees instantly accesses days of vending. while seriously stern in the movement of extra, these certainties tie in with aliens expecting dollop. the pure revenant needs quality and a touch. writers work the long shift, straight into a sleepy after. now's the moemnt for excitement.

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

your turning 

it's not just simply the town of poetry, with so much concerning the edge of night time singing, or the dictates of funny, falling Nepal. there remains a cricket sound, and a trying endeavour, and language hardly fit for beast. yet further into the drill, the mass mountain or valley, and the penetration effect of saying you know. you don't, I don't, and everything feeds on tizzy. a music resides in a portion, luckily, and we're slightly unknown, but the words come together. is this wait a second or a real balancing act? can the politics remain stiff while our buddies rearrange the alphabet? is Ron Silliman writing a poem or what? silently is a good example, and so is the way water, etc. we're all working so hard, as perfect aliens, as registers.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

long live poetry, it's my current undertow. the means of unbuttoning, while preying on Heidegger himself, under the wraps and sure to begin a new sentence. suddenly, the alien sound, and it isn't the end of Mexico per se, near as can be determined, tho colleagues may be disgusted by the lack of tenure track. Hegel = (equal) Heidgger - (minus) vegetation. and then the windows of heaven opened. and then the fascist quality bespoke the certitude. and then the aliens gathered in increments, ready for the setting sun. and then it was just another day, with yet another one due. and somewhere along the way, poetry. not the invention of crude democratic surges, but POETRY.

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

a little peppy music, please 

folks, let's bring back Antietam from the fence. the pix were great! we sat in the shade of trends until oh the merrie morning could be used. the upcoming vote would swell to largest ever, more for me and you! so we'll look this battleground over, drape runts and such on the dead fences just like in that war. and skirmishers will see misery as an implant, just like modren miracle wrapped around our day. and every cure will still be seen, juggled, bobbled, placed in repose. brothers and sisters, the mighty learn by falling!!!

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