Saturday, April 10, 2004

a spac e
the planned

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Friday, April 09, 2004

this is when I am here, but at a fright of prose, for the weary segments don't produce, in fact they ruin our perspective with long camera views of molten planets and gaseous states near Ronald Reagan. that was a timeless war ago, long before books could intermarry and the idea of non-alien birth could strike one as laughable. it's all before us, like structure or the can into which the worms went at the end of a long day. fish for another symbol or pronoun. our discussion becomes upbeat after downcast spends itself. George W Reagan is a hill of beans located first of all in luck, and his daddy blurs in smear. riches relate to the next moment. aliens plan to serenade Iraq for terpsichore and debt. luck holds out, but just barely. inside of a minute we'll all know: a blue flash and then

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I was there in PROVIDENCE
which when regarded
could've been
rainy december or
the temperature
of any port in a
storm, tho that wasn't
the regalia
and the aliens were
prime weakly
not the sport
of poets, who have
taken the career
notion into problematics,
natural enough
process, clinging
to a situation
in which one dreams
of a situation, then beguiling
the workload and
pleasantries to
redefine the element of
definition cautioning
as a stone
in the pass way, tired
when the aliens
resort to verbs
when you
see only nouns
a sentence couldn't happen
quickly enough
and doesn't

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

projectile love
that only enforces
when the region needs
more day

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

only bobbing
over garderobe
this poetry

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it's on top of the mountain saying hi allen that claim posts serious mojo on 'your' temple proof but what of reverie in the reverse of afternoon? can 'you' send a shadow ballpark to the endzone clerical fashion? I don't have increments in the morning except buying soon toward feast or eminent famine. I mean the get go where ponds often survey low meaning defiance factor, such orange in the sun. relaxing compost into years of terrible sessions, young isn't old anymore but we've got to jibe. I mean, when the runt of telling says poetry excavates meandering throng until a doping scheme resorts off chance, then the community far enough that 'you' could almost. the notion rides a bus. train stays the chorus while we milk our means. inside that constancy I've left a bug or two, and am likely to remit statements such as that. sleepy as water, fortunate for breakfast, now the cause in effect.

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Monday, April 05, 2004

let's jet to safety!!! 

eat at planet where the one of means makes a sample noise then mice who wish Charles Whitman at Texas Tower symbol of gun metal and wing poise and elbow room but more cannot be sprayed safely into the mirage building where the news becomes the community of who you can know ideally following assertions into agreement and back out the a-hole the envying prologue of astute process into newsworthy career implementation wins certain that gesture wins distributorship and wins a likely survey wants a home

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fight sample distance
with alien concern
while rustic
polls us on
world concerns
implying something
textured and
wind machine
bright lights
over spring
particular people
in a moment
an elastic
from here to Nepal
intrique cools
on a sedulous
Iraq gone to
terms arranged by
lux eterna
frnatic often
mood swing
the sentence

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

tight with control
that sees mounting
yet equivalent
shapes a turn
in the point
at which one word suffice
yet it dies
lark angle
the wind thrust upon
a rising
ofen in original
exceptional folding
slowly describes
a sentence
fielded over time
such currents
quake on topics
like the great
ooze in open
nothign directly
patiently process
sitting there a trifle
doesn't the word
need something
along lines

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