Saturday, September 18, 2004

starting at a zero to describe the place. then friends, who vote too. then a tree, named after the last laugh. then what, a victim in every region? could the system percolate better with new moon, or the better ornate haze as read about? what's the state of inadequacy now? start again. zero names your platter, then you refill. a tide seems simple, back and forth. the vote takes a chance on you. it's up to you to lose. merriment in circles. again.

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Friday, September 17, 2004

singalong folks 

the win of read the long version much as it politcs the field, and Sgt Pepper of a bloom, the many faces certain change at Zukofsky door, all the time and made certain again, that natural pain of voting into a booth, you talking as you flow the reach of inches from the door, then the tiese change, bringing bigger in the essence as you age, and moreso as approach comes costly dug from portals named in music while the voting crap goes off the door, Zukofsky in a nifty hat, The Beatles dressed as panic bloom, and just in time the time

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upon candidate horse. on the mountain slur of vintage word, on stop about the track. elemental crux begins a sortie ramifying days in the beachhead. go with yoiur own, you as heroes. stuck in twined wetland and the average voter sticks to wattage. that's the prime of contain the rich, the poor will glower their own. on this, they say, with a power to reach.

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

our loss
on the process
ticket shape
and sentence
shaft returns to
viable blowing
but also a
seeker missiles home
in its history of
heat and
the reliant
steps of
crowding in
and all
the hazards found
in the candid
losing streak
posed for a
future referendum
lets us tell
whose is the shadowy
gloom until the next
of many next minutes
sharing beer in
and left on the
road toward
any grim
even the trust of
syntactial space
loses to the bend
of imperative
in a word

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

the greatest candidate ever flies to home, to the theory that home includes the woods and dales, even freshets, even say blank the sky, even reach to normal music, even spend a diligent charity on years to hope the end

the grandest of great candidates expects in districts while circling widely for the bend and faring of a rich and populated word choice

the greatness of grand candidates on this date has spurned and spelled and speeded to the centre of the query while allowing a green canopy under a blue one, all for the excitement and re-entry, probable course

the ever long candidate of so great means a time in truth for a trusty little sentence

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

the addition in morning slaps bending notes, that share our voice. we're small, like truckstops, when you come to consider the practical side of sentences. each road goes to a new desert part, with a dry feeling until the cages open. these cages include diners and casinos and a place to get gas for your chariot cooling. then you arrive in China, a fact outside of Vegas until you've grown. I come with you, of course, slipping on the sand and we watch the sky. there are things to say by seeing if the clouds. not too late and full of possibilities. the season now has weakened, which includes this very sentence. a circling sensation, and the aliens are a laugh. we're up late with the signs of something, commotion bringing us a releif of sorts. we're small, jaundiced, don't believe the rocketships will land.

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Monday, September 13, 2004

do you want this emblem? this remain on target feeling, trance of voter pride? do you want this legend on your toes? do you feel fresher when you read across the table? do you see the sense in that article, that field, those items in the list? do you see this emblem everywhere? do you stare? do you stick the facts on the list and wait? do you need the colour of this tree? that one gets away.

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