Saturday, August 07, 2004

the poem slinks to alien mordancy. or vice versa. or a carousel. or even the effect of the rocket leaving the hunger of gravity, into a space-noun continuum, evacuated verb to be here, here in light, or at least less tested in grave findings here. pointing towards a sun that points further, well of time or taut measure. meanwhile the poem...

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

the lifted engine
lots of
benefit crumbcakes, that
most rum fuddy
duddies. do you
possess your
Bachelor's degree in
Poetry on
the Farm with you, and
can you
transform alien
into something
appropriate for
educated children? haha, you fell
for it. the relief
of knowing each
great version
and underlining
cogent passages
will stir the effect
of horizon
onto your
so called

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

the invention of slightly for you 

died in trading block circles. enjoy your youth, he said, rectitude marches task. no war remains in Nineveh now Mosul, did you hear the news? patient angels, lasted. we thought of sport, the kings and queens regaling our social inward, until all the rest seemed patented. dream of loss, the full paragraph. writers stick to the ground. a mist inveighing against the inveighing against. Bush is crack cocaine on a larger scale than usually recorded. was intending to spout my reflex, but it'll be there anyway. a time in which, recording.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

choose your weapon 

indeed it is as sensible as advertise me. it's a hanging judge feeding a fulcrum. the fulcrum goes to jail, and gravity must pay? yes, and you who read are along for the ride. into the blanket night to become describers. choose anyone or thing and produce a picture not a death. I won't feel a thing, in the interview, yet someone's name will be 'bandied about'. earnest poetry has us to thank, us!!!. think of it: a triad of terror, thanking, and publicity, out loud and formidable. such use will grow. poetry is no season but an event, lately or charmed. my next poem will be interest paid, I'm afraid.

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mine, the imperial, broke loose the dingy day meeting. riffs from frequently asked an alien question. were there tears in every eye, to say the war and all its own? should we receive the varying? touch to drama, kinetic word in rhythm like a life. in these references, vast as spelling, down to earth: what else to accept but inside the moment more?

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

choose to drill
a successful memory
laden with today's breath
and composition
or leave the field

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we're strange in the new guesswork, feeding love, felling trees, the new gas, the new gagging, trusted by sport tho it all cries heavy reek, spoiled so much and not worth the very dimes, want this handed, want this structured, want this more than loose, the outpost feels terrible, suffering the injustice acting program, all the fuckers lined up, shitheads named for the agency involved, it is half past time for coffee

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